New Diorama Day, Craft Fair

New diorama day, at long last. I have many tucked away and in process, some of which will be on sale this Sunday, December 12th at the NYC Resistor Holiday Craft Fair. 12-6pm, 87 3rd Avenue, 4th Floor, Brooklyn NY 11217. There will be a soldering workshop and many handmade items for sale.
Swing by.



New diorama day...at long last. Seems to take a monumental effort and a dog's age to complete one these days, but there is always something in the works. This one is currently on sale at Cog and Pearl in Park Slope.


I haven't been posting all that many photos of new work so that some can remain a surprise for the upcoming show, but here we are.

Dioramas by Aron Ahlstrom
Opening Saturday March 16, 6pm-8pm
Freddy’s Bar and Backroom
627 5th Ave  Brooklyn, New York 11215

Event link:

All are welcome and I hope to see you there.


New diorama day. What isn't pictured here is the trapazoidal justification of the wooden box...left leaning. Given to me by my dear friend Rachel B., I knew someday I would use it in a windy way. Also on display at Cog and Pearl, I believe.

Show at Freddy's Bar and Backroom in March. Details to follow.


New diorama day. This one will soon be on sale at Cog and Pearl, as soon as I can get it into my aluminum diorama delivery briefcase and hop on the bus. Daddy needs a new pair of go-fasters.


New diorama day. One of my first snow scenes, incidentally. I've found it's nice to have a healthy collection of spare model airplane parts lying around. They make convincing lonely robots. 


New diorama day. A tribute to my dog Moxie and her indefatigable desire to catch a bird, an effort that is always doomed to fail. I think I'm gonna keep this one. Hope everyone had a good holiday and, you know...a happy new year. Now I've got to bear down and get some big ones done for the upcoming Freddie's show.


New diorama day...again!

This one doesn't photograph well. Looks better in person.


New diorama day. Coming like hotcakes, they are. Not sure what to do with this one. Sell or wait for the show?

Whatever. If it wasn't for Facebook this would all be shouting down the toilet.


New diorama day. It's been a while...had something of a dry spell. I have done some warm up pieces that are currently displayed in Cog and Pearl, a boutique shop in Park Slope. Didn't take any photos of those. At any rate, working towards the show at Freddie's in March. Stay tuned.