There's been a certain serendipitous synchronicity happening to me lately. You know, when you stumble across a certain point of interest and then suddenly you see it at every turn? I recently saw Network and the Zeitgeist movie, read The Road and have been discussing with a few like-minded friends what I would include in my apocalypse survival kit.

It all kind of came upon me as I was humping my recently laundered clothes up the hill from my local 24 hour laundromat. I was calculating how much money I had saved shoving coins into the machine and occasionally glancing at the Spanish dubbed version of Flight of the Pheonix rather than having my dirty drawers washed by strangers for 67 cents a pound. Suddenly I tripped over someone's post-holiday garbage strewn over the sidewalk and thought, "What the fuck...who am I?". Why do I fret and ultimately shave years off of my life over debt, taxes, and countless other anxieties? It's hard to relate the emotional potency of this little epiphany, standing there in the cold amongst some stranger's Xmas gift packaging, but I can say definitively that if The Apocalypse happened there and then, I might have applauded.

I'll be the first to admit that the end of the world has been predicted since Sumerians first started to scribble shit into wads of clay...probably far beforehand. It doesn't change that fact that my meager brain is seized with the possibility that it may and will most likely happen in my lifetime. And goddam it if I don't want it to!

What better way to quickly burn away the gray, suffocating film of modern life that separates of from our rightful freedom and identity as human beings.

I don't know. Never you mind. This may all have something to do with me being tired, frustrated and under the influence of quite a few thimbles of Rittenhouse rye.


Blogger lanyard said...

If Faye Dunaway's level of bralessness in Network didn't bring about the Apocalypse, we may evade the end-times yet.

And now, to linkify you!

1:19 PM  
Blogger Honolulu Dogfight said...

Watched that Russo film you linked to last night. Mentioned Zeitgeist earlier, liked this one better. Apocalypse or not, but global warming starts looking like the one thing beyond the control of any cartel, and that may end up a good thing. I picture Dash fighting robots, barbarian style a'la Jack Kirby comics from the sixties. Boy King of the Wasteland...

6:21 AM  

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