New diorama day. I apologize for this one. Heavy handed.

Also - good!



"This princess said, 'People who love things like flowers and butterflies are foolish and strange. People are able to comprehend the inner nature of things, so it is tracing something to its origins and understanding its essence that is truly amusing.' She thus collected various types of insects with great passion. Saying, 'I want to see the way they change,' she put them into several small boxes. Among them, she declared that 'It is the profundity of the caterpillars that is elegant.' So, day and night, tucking her bangs behind her ears, she placed them in her palms and watched them carefully.

Because her ladies in waiting were afraid of insects, she summoned young boys of low social standing to catch them for her. She would ask the names of the insects and delight in naming her newest acquisitions.

Proclaiming that 'It’s not good to fuss over one’s appearance,' she completely neglected to shave her eyebrows. Also, saying that 'It’s annoying and dirty,' she did not blacken her teeth. Smiling with her blindingly white teeth, she would play with her insects lovingly."

- From 虫愛ずる姫君 (Mushi Mezuru Himegimi)


Finally, a use for my 1/72 scale Curtiss R3C. Schneider Cup winner and one of my favorite airplanes ever. Thanks to Miyazaki.


I would like to dedicate this one to all the folks protesting in Illinois and Ohio, occupying the state capitols and obstructing the bullshit machinery of the US oligarchs. It's high time we had some proper class warfare in this country. Hopefully this is just the beginning. Here's to the folks who brought us the weekend, minimum wage and child labor laws.